State Approved Registered Agent, or SARA, specializes in taking ideas to fully functional businesses that are licensed and structured for profit. CEO and Business Consultant, Charles, takes his clients through his signature program that includes mentorship, business credit establishment, and market analysis.

A Business Service and Solution Center

Charles hired me initially to redesign his website,

Quickly after launching his site, he saw an opportunity to partner up and expand his services!

"Before we teamed up, the quality of work being provided was nowhere near what Tiana provided my clients."

– Charles Thomason

We worked together to create Express Sites™ and incorporate them into SARA’s all inclusive service package.

I then hired and managed a small team including a logo designer, copywriter, and website assistant to support me as I developed five WordPress websites within a 12 week span.

The concept of Express Sites™ came from a series of meetings between Charles and I.

We discussed the type of clients he worked with and it was discovered that they all were first time business owners.

For a new entrepreneur, learning a lot of new things at once can be overwhelming. Knowing this, I was able to identify and remove any possible points of delay in a traditional website process to create Express Sites™.

Every client’s Express Site was launched successfully, leaving each client thrilled about their new business and website. 

Charles was able to include additional value to his services with premium business strategy services, personal credit repair, and Express Sites™.  Through a series of strategic partnerships, he increased his rate by $3,000!

I’m extremely grateful to Charles for sprinkling a little of his profit expertise magic my way! Express Sites™ was born out of our collaboration and focus on making sure starting a business is as complete as possible for new entrepreneurs.

"One word to describe working with Tiana...priceless. I was able to focus more on the client and other parts of my business. Client satisfaction soared through the roof."

– Charles Thomason, II

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