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About Greenskeeper Lawns

Mariah, a phenomenal Sales Consultant and former co-worker, reached out because she and her husband, Austin, needed a brand and online presence for their new weed treatment business.

Golf Course Quality Lawn Care

Because they were a new business moving to a new area, Dallas/Fort Worth, Greenskeeper Lawns desired to create a brand that really connected with Texas proud families that owned their home. 

They also wanted to demonstrate Austin’s expertise in golf course lawn care as their positioning for residential lawn care.

"I am beyond impressed..."

— Austin Corder

Before starting, I needed to research the lawn care and weed treatment industry to find out more about the competitors, the types of families that lived in the local neighborhoods and community.

The data discovered was used to influence their brand strategy while I managed and guided the visual identity process.

I designed Stylescapes, edited their submitted copy, and developed a WordPress powered website they could use to generate leads for their business.

Mariah and Austin answered the many questions I had about the industry. They filled me in about the specific types of grass and weeds that are known to Texas, and how they address some of the common concerns families have with products used for lawn care.

The Stylescapes were a light and bold version of my interpretation of “Texas Pride” with a nod to Austin’s golf course experience.

After choosing the light version Stylescape, I used Elementor to create page templates then each sitemap page with content layout.

Leveraged TablePress, a WordPress plugin, for the front end features table so they could add and remove items without code. Also added a before / after slider to showcase their work along a contact form for visitors to request a quote.

Mariah and Austin provided a lot of their own copy and imagery. After adding a few complementing stock photos and videos, we launched their site on Flywheel.

With every website I create, I made a video walkthrough of the back office of their website, showing them how to make edits to the features table, pages, and templates.

One of the reasons why I enjoy making websites for a variety of industries is because of the variety of things you can learn about them! Who knew Texas has its own breed of weeds that needed a different approach to removal?

Seeing the start of a new brand coming together – through their uniforms, vehicles, website, and stellar Home Advisor reviews – makes me proud to have been a part of the creation of a new family business!


– Austin Corder

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